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You're too smart to not love yourself.

What if you put yourself first for once?

Like many women, insecurity, anxiety, and external validation ruled most of my life. After growing up biracial in a low-income household, I struggled to fit in in what felt like every environment I came across. As the oldest of 8 kids, I was always focused on taking care of my siblings, and when I was diagnosed with MS at age 15, I felt like I lost control over the one thing I had, my body.

Fast forward to 2020, I was a senior at Northwestern with a job lined up at Google, early acceptance to Wharton’s MBA program, and the president of many clubs and activities. From the outside, I had it all together, but internally, I was deeply insecure and relied on external validation to feel any sense of happiness. Left alone at the height of the pandemic and racial unrest, I finally realized that I had to put myself first, and developed my own rituals to feed my soul.

When I started to ask myself what I wanted, block out time to spend with myself, and set boundaries with the people around me, my life changed for the better. I built an online community of thousands of ambitious #MaterialGirls, launched the #1 Self Care Podcast for women, Too Smart For This, where I get to interview women I look up to who I now call peers and friends. I even got my dream job!

Thanks to my rituals and boundaries, I became the person I wanted to be by putting myself first. For me, the height of self-care is sitting in a robe and doing whatever helps you recharge - for me it looks like Bravo TV, red wine, and a Pinterest scroll. I’m still a work in progress, and constantly reiterating on my rituals and routines, which I share on my podcast often.

What I want for you is to realize the power in spending time with yourself and giving yourself the luxuries you deserve, too.